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I feel like a strong conscious woman. The path to my inner strength led through self-reflection and began when I stopped taking using hormonal anticonception and my emotions began to awaken. It was a completely new state for me to feel anger, excitement, love and hate. These were great physical and psychological processes that were very challenging to accept with dignity. 

I experienced 3 beautiful conscious births, fully in touch with my body and baby.

I set out on the path of supporting women during pregnancy and childbirth based on a strong inner guidance that appeared after the birth of my first daughter, Sára. After a beautiful pregnancy and a natural birth accompanied by a doula, I felt completely confused, lonely, and often got the postpartum blues. It was very energetically demanding for me to find my way around my emotions, to accept a new role in life and to integrate the entire family generation of women and mothers. 

I am a student at the Czech Association of dul. 

The following courses and seminars supported my personal growth:

Reiki healing energy, 1st degree initiation, Osho meditation center Lažánky

Tantric training, 3 year-round schools, Osho meditation center Lažánky

Mohenjodaro, tantra yoga for women, 1st degree, Osho meditation center Lažánky

Working with the energy chakra system (Barbara Brennan), Pavel Nešpůrek,  Brno

Pelvic floor school according to Renata Sahani, B. Šimková,  Brno

Alpha nursing, Mona Lisa Boyesen, Brno

Reich's character types, Mona Lisa Boyesen, Prague

Partner communication course, Radmila Telváková, Brno

Touches course, Radmila Telváková, residential course

The art of dying, Bhagat, Osho meditation center Lažany

7 Habits of Truly Effective People, Franklin Covey, Personal Intensive Course

Iboga therapy

Education course, Katka Králová, online

Psychomotor development of babies, bathing and swimming, Eva Kiedroňová, Prague

Massage for babies and infants, Acentrum, Prague

I have been practicing yoga for the last 18 years


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