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I will guide you through pregnancy and childbirth.
Pregnancy:        I offer consultations, where I will help with the preparation for childbirth, we will write down a birth wish, I will help with the selection of the birth place of your baby. We will go through practical information. 
I also offer deep work with intention, visualization, connection with
 body and baby, naming fear, gentle aroma massage and much more...
Price: 8
00 CZK /hour
Postpartum:  Baby care - breastfeeding, swaddling, bathing, baby handling, baby's psychomotor development, allergies/intolerance - special diet,alpha nursing approach (Mona Lisa Boysen)
Care for mom - physical and mental support, gentle massage, shar
ing, herbal steamer
Price 800 CZK/ hour
Intuitive Women's Yoga for Pregnant Women:
Price 500 CZK/ hour
Book a free 30-minute introductory meeting (preferably in person or online)
I will listen to your needs during a personal meeting.
Together we will set out to fulfill your intention. 

I will sensitively support you on every phase of your transformation.
Welcome to my energy field. 

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